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Dargel Boats pro staff consist of experienced guides and tournament anglers that recognize quality craftsmanship and a boat that functions as well as it's built. If you're a guide or tournament angler that runs a boat built by Dargel we're glad to offer a link to your website, of course we always appreciate a link back to the Dargel home page.

Upper Texas Coast

Lower Laguna Madre

Capt. Keith Phillips 281-744-3594 Capt. Mark Atkinson 956-364-2001
Capt. Kit Caston 281-212-7208 Capt. Walter Bode 956-832-3761
Capt. John Landry 281-850-2179  Capt. Doug Dunkin 956-873-3850
  Capt. Charles W. Fultz 956-873-2870

Central Texas Coast

Capt. Raul Garza 956-793-5709
Capt. Ruben Garza 832-385-1431
Capt. Frank Sifuentes 361-446-2307 Capt. Ray Gray
Capt. Geronimo Leal 361-946-2025 Capt. Jaime DeLaFuente 956-793-0419
Capt. Charles R. Bujan 800-693-6220 Capt. Heath Schley 956-778-4611
Capt. Dean Thomas Capt. Ed Paris 956-428-4394
  Capt. Hector Guerra 956-346-3148
Capt. Sammy Mock 956-367-0757 
  Capt. Mitch Richmond 979-244-6893 
Capt. Roy Garza 956-793-5709  
Capt. Ray Gray 956-251-1589



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