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About Dargel Boats, Inc.

It was 1933 when Mr. Dargel built his first wooden boat that he used personally to fish the Lower Laguna Madre, when his neighbor purchased it he built another and as the trend continued he soon realized that there was enough demand for quality built fishing boats that he and his father phased out of farming and in 1937 started Dargel Boats on the very land they had farmed for years.

Since 1937 Dargel Boats, Inc. has been building, testing and improving shallow water fishing boats making us the oldest boat manufacturer in Texas and the second oldest in the nation. We have found that success on the water starts with quality materials, exceptional workmanship and extreme attention to detail. We work very hard to insure that the highest quality and consistent design go into each boat we build.

Our boats have evolved through research and development to have, what we feel, is the most fuel efficient, smooth and stable ride available in a shallow water boat. The wide beam and Hydrolift tunnel design of our Skout Series offers access to fishing spots our competition can only dream of. The Dargel KAT is our latest design and has been called one of the most innovative boat designs this century, one of the smoothest, dryest, and shallowest riding catamarans on the market make it one of the most versatile boat on the water with the ability to fish the shallowest flats, cross the roughest bays, and head offshore all from the same boat.
We package our boats with more standard features than other boat manufacturers to insure that you, our customer, get the most bang for your hard earned buck. We're fishermen so we know what an angler needs to maximize time fishing and minimize hassle, so that's how we sell our boats, our boats are serious fishing machines for serious anglers that want to easily get in and out of extremely shallow water without damaging important sea grasses or vital habit.


When purchasing a boat one of the most important considerations is warranty, insurance companies simply won't cover manufacturer defects and if the manufacturer does not stand behind their product, or even worse is out of business, it leaves you with the burden of getting your boat repaired, and serious repairs can easily cost thousands of dollars. Your new Dargel Boat will come standard with a limited life time warranty on the floor and transom and ten years on the hull, and more importantly your new Dargel boat will come with over 70 years of history supporting that warranty ensuring your peace of mind that we will be here in the unfortunate event that you do have a warranty claim.


Dargel Boats uses only the highest quality materials, parts, and accesories on every boat we build, combine that with over 75 years of design and fabrication experience and you can rest assured that your new Dargel Boat will be built to the highest standards possible.


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